Transition by Debra Owen

Hello Creatives,

Welcome! PAJ is ready to support you on your path of creative expression. Yes, you!

Prescott Arts Journey is your place to share your thoughts, your process, and the results of your creativity. Your people are here. Your teachers are here. Your audience is here.

Prescott Arts Journey is where you can enjoy cheers, support, information, news, and community.

I am committed to supporting your journey of originality. Prescott Arts Journey is inclusive and comprehensive. My goal for Prescott Arts Journey is to be the best website celebrating all forms of creative expression. This is your community.

Prescott Arts Journey’s community also includes the experts delivering important support services. You are needed. Thank you for keeping the creative arts alive, healthy, and growing. This is your community.

We all know local artists are also experiencing isolation… and financial obstacles. And, we need to find balance with a break from the news. Social distancing is isolating… by definition.

The importance of the arts feels remarkable now. The creative arts offer alternate avenues to stay in touch with our humanity. We need the arts.

Right now, we need to work together. Our livelihoods depend on it… they really do. I feel certain that we can stop, or at least mitigate, the struggle for resources.

I’m speaking to our creative community. Prescott Arts Journey is committed to your success. By satisfying your unique needs for supportive resources and tools. By connecting you with your network. By helping you reach and expand your audience.

So please, tell me. What do you want? What is your dream? What do you need to make it real?

Please do not let me work at creating something you don’t need.

To best help you, I need your input. Guide me.

Here are a few things that come to my mind.

  • A podium for Speakers, Poets and Storytellers. We are missing your voice!
  • A base for Livestreaming Intimate Performances – A stage, a stool, a microphone, a spotlight.
  • A hub of Online Classes and Workshops – All creative topics. All media. All of them!
  • A meeting place for Artist Talks, Demos and Discussion Forum – Chat with the inspired.
  • A source of Professional Knowledge, Resources and Information – Feedback – Advice – Information.
  • A Private Roundtable Just for PAJ Creatives – A safe place to share our stories, our ideas, and our needs.

What are your ideas? What do you need?

I’m in it for you. I believe in myself. I believe in you. I believe in us.

How Divas Play by Joy Herhold

Let’s do this!

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Top photo: The Minstrels by Cathy Ortel Severson