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At Prescott Arts Journey creatives are celebrated, supported, and promoted.

Creativity doesn’t like being hidden, locked up, or pushed around. It doesn’t like expectations. It needs to breathe deeply and be everything. Creativity can be hungry, joyful, sad, confused, excited, in love, angry, powerful, introspective, and yes tired.

Creativity wants the space to find its own way. It needs vocal cords, and sometimes a microphone. When it shouts, it needs to be heard. It wants a dance partner to feed it, guide it and cherish it. Each makes room for the other. Both make room for magic.

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About PAJ

The Dragonfly is a reminder to bring a bit more lightness and joy into our lives by staying open and shining our true colors to reach our full potential. It signifies a path to live with elegance, grace, and wisdom. The dragonfly navigates our deeper dive into new worlds and meaning.

They call for adaptability, transformation, and self-realization. They bring perspective, energy, mental and emotional maturity, depth of character, power, and poise. For the Mayans, the dragonfly is emblematic of Ix Chel, the goddess of creativity.

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