Sky Conwell

Matt Santos of The Mile High Show says, Sky’s “… Rock-A-Billy- Surf-A-Billy showmanship is legendary. He’s one of the hardest working musicians in Arizona.”

Known as Sky Daddy on stage, Sky is a leader in the Prescott Music Scene with his solo career and with his bands. He’s an inexhaustible and prolific musician. Sky fronts six bands and plays solo, averaging eight shows a week, sometimes three in one day.

Sky says, “There are only two things I’m any good at — playin’ music and cookin’ a steak. So it’s a good thing that music’s my job ‘cause I’d be fired from anything else.”

Sky Daddy

Solo Acoustic Guitar

Sky plays and sings “American Music” on acoustic guitar and harmonica. Songs are a diverse mix of popular country, acoustic rock, folk, blues, jazz, rockabilly, Americana, and some of his original tunes. Sky says, “I just love to get a feel for the people–read the room and play what they want to hear. So, every show is different. I’ll take requests, whatever the crowd’s into. I love the challenge. I’m just like the people who come. That’s the most important thing, to have a great time and it’s contagious! We all just want to have fun!”

99 Years

Johnny Cash tribute

Sky is the face and bandleader of this authentic Johnny Cash show. Sky says about Johnny Cash, “I can’t quite explain it, but he moves me like no other musician. Part of it is the way he seems to live and inhabit a song is like no one else. It’s taught me something valuable. I came to realize that no matter how good or bad a song, it can almost always be improved. That’s inspiring to me in my other projects too. It empowers me and inspires me to take chances with my art.” visit for info, videos, pics, & more!

Sky Daddy & the Pop Rocks


​ A high-energy danceable rockabilly/surf band. Playing the music of the late fifties and early sixties (and songs of that style) is perfect for getting up and dance weddings, nightclubs, and parties.

Lonesome Valley

Classic Country

A country music band specializing in “real” country – old school traditional country music the likes of Merle Haggard, Hank Williams, Waylon Jennings, Dwight Yoakam, and George Strait. The tunes they play are made for dancing; swings, cha-cha’s, two steps, etc.

Garbonzo Brothers 


Sky “Daddy” Conwell and Tony Cocilovo play authentic and classic music of the borderlands – Mexico, Cuba, Latin America, and the Southwest United States. Sky plays nylon string guitar and percussion while Tony plays Spanish guitar and mandolin. Tony is well known and popular in Mexico and Spain for his Flamenco-style guitar playing and Spanish singing.

Off the Record

Classic Rock

A classic rock dance band. Lead vocals are shared by Sky “Daddy” Conwell and Glen Walker. Both are showmen – entertaining in every way. Sky plays lead guitar and Glen plays rhythm guitar. Drums are played by Mike Hutchinson (who’s played with many well-known country and rock acts throughout the years) and Eldon Long plays electric bass. 

Artist Statement

My name is Sky Conwell. I reside in Prescott Arizona and I make my living (barely) playing music.  I play guitar and sing many diverse styles of American music: folk, rock, country, blues, jazz, Americana, rockabilly, surf, soul, etc. I play solo and also with many bands. The bands I play in include rockabilly/surf band “Sky Daddy and the Pop Rocks”, classic rock band “Off the Record”, the Country band “Lonesome Valley”, and a Johnny Cash Tribute Band called “99 Years”. I play at many venues around town and in the Phoenix area and Verde Valley as well. I perform covers and original songs.

Two compliments I receive most often when performing are that I am diverse and that I am fun.

I grew up on Country music but discovered many other forms of music through the years. My cd collection (of thousands) includes music of all genres. My love for many genres of music dictates that I also enjoy playing many genres of music. I enjoy “mixing it up”. I enjoy looking at the audience and viewing the venue… and then trying to guess what they may want to hear.  I am always open to requests and encourage them.

I am many things:  a singer, a songwriter, a guitarist, an artist, a musician, a bandleader… but most of all I am a performer. I believe that if I am having fun playing music, then the audience will also have fun. Music and enjoyment are contagious.  I can’t HELP having fun doing what I believe God made me do – performing music. I enjoy having guests sit in with me. I enjoy interacting with the audience. This is who I am, and I cannot change.