Laurie Silver

Artist Bio

As a child growing up at the beach, I collected shells, beach glass, and rocks ever since I can remember. I loved (and still do) arranging them in pleasing collections, examining them to discover the natural shapes and colors that make them so beautiful and unique. I could get lost in my grandmother’s button and sequin box, which she gifted me along with her collection of vintage postcards. As I got older, I learned to sew clothes and taught myself embroidery, needlepoint, and macrame. Then later, I took up knitting.

My mother was a wonderful cook and baker and my dad was a wine connoisseur. From a young age, I learned and appreciated the making and savoring of good food and wine. This appreciation and knowledge have enriched my life as I hone my own culinary skills and enjoy special meals with family and friends. And I have always been musical, singing, and playing instruments since childhood, including playing in bands.

I am drawn to art and artists. Throughout my adult life, I have supported artists and my home is filled with original art. At a significant transition point in my life, I found process painting, an intuitive approach to art that does not focus on the end result. From that starting point, I sporadically dipped into trying my hand at various art mediums. After a 40+ year career in college student services and community healthcare, it was only as I approached retirement that I had the time to delve in and commit myself to fully exploring making art. What I found was a surprise. I did not really know I had it in me, I just knew I was drawn to making art.

I have learned a lot from many different artists and continue to take classes in a variety of mediums. I love the solitude of creating alone in my studio as well as the energy and joy of making art together with other creatives. I also enjoy sharing my discoveries with others and offering classes in our community.  

Artist Statement

Art is a form of relaxation and meditation for me. My curiosity and love of color, pattern, and structure inspire and inform my creations. I love repurposing materials, going through the recycle bin to find discarded items to upcycle and transform into surprising treasures. I love assemblage, creating handmade books, making spirit dolls, painting and dyeing fabric, and playing with watercolor, acrylics, and collage.