Debra Pendergast

Artist Bio

An accomplished artist friend told me that a Bio describes your journey to NOW. Here goes…

At age 50 I spent hours in contemplation of honoring my ½ century of life. My goal was to eliminate negative self-talk. It’s a small but mighty voice saying, “You can’t draw a straight line. An artist? NOT you.” I’ve responded with meditation, life reflection, positive affirmation, and writing.  

Consumed with a lengthy career in demanding health care jobs, my stress level was always high. I studied stress and added Stress Management Coach to my career credential in health care. My focus was on bringing stress reduction techniques to health care professionals. Along the way, I learned to listen to my own inner artist.  Today,  that little artist has grown into a confident, creative being.

My inner artist said, “Don’t worry about drawing a boring straight line.” My response has been to take 70+ art workshops. I laugh and tell people I dabble in everything and am a master of none.

I’m often the least talented person in class. However, my inner child artist, did not care about being judged or criticized. She was a happy child, splishing and splashing her way through courses. She gave me the freedom to be me, not in competition, and genuinely not caring about others’ opinions.

I’ve left my executive positions. I’ve retired three times, as I’m not fulfilled without a purpose. In addition to my creative side, I work as a hospice nurse and teach nursing at the university level. Some of my artistic creations honor loved ones that have passed on. They include memorabilia and junk drawer items like keys, hair clips, jewelry, medals, coins, etc on the frame of a wall mirror.

Now, I can be proud that my work has sold. I find joy in listening to my inner artist and creating.

Artist Statement

Art is my soul singing and my spirit dancing. It is a deep expression of my inner life surging out to be expressed in our external world.  It is energy that transforms random chaos into a purposeful message. Each creation is new, different and an authentic gift of intimate dialogue. Messages are revealed, insight and wisdom speak from the output of tools and materials. The mysterious mixture of pent-up emotional energy and the creative heart and mind produce a new language not constrained by rules or time, visible to those with open minds.