Dawn Zintel

Artist Bio

Having painted since high school, Dawn studied art at McGill and Concordia Universities in Montreal, Canada, although she was never in a Fine Arts program. She made her career in Education as an elementary school teacher then, for 43 years, she owned a training business in California which specialized in designing and teaching courses for employees in Fortune 100 to 500 companies in many different industries worldwide. Although she no longer focused on art, she was able to be design games and other creative learning strategies for her clients.

During her career, her creative outlet included making hand-built pottery and stained-glass art. Then, in the early 90s, she began to paint again using watercolors and for a few years was winning awards and having solo shows. After the mid-90s, Dawn did not paint again until 2010 when she decided to semi-retire and her family moved to an island in British Columbia which had many artists. Since then, Dawn has studied with several award-winning Canadian and US artists. She has had the good fortune to win awards with the Federation of Canadian Artists and in several competitive shows in Arizona.

Since Dawn became a full-time retiree in 2015, she has continued to explore many different art mediums and techniques. She moved to Prescott, Arizona in 2017 and became a member of the Prescott Valley Art Guild where she managed the newsletter and the Quad City Annual Juried Art Show. She also joined Mountain Artists Guild in Prescott where she was Vice-President for two years and then President for two years through 2021. Currently, Dawn is Treasurer of Friends of the Prescott Public Library and an Art Adult Education Speaker for the Prescott Arts Docents. Her art is shown in the Mountain Artists Guild Gallery, the Art Barn Gallery of the Sedona Art Center, Currently, one of her paintings is featured by the Arizona Philharmonic on all their marketing materials for 2023-2024.​

Artist Statement

The landscape of the Central Highlands surrounding Prescott, Arizona is a feast for the eyes throughout the year with each season adding its own distinct variation. Cougar, coyotes, deer and javelinas roam throughout our neighborhood while hawks and eagles soar overhead. Inspiration springs forth and manifests itself in my studio where I create fanciful and impressionistic interpretations of my everyday life and surroundings.

While I work primarily with oil and acrylic paints, I integrate alcohol and acrylic inks, collage papers and stenciling into many of my more whimsical paintings, as well as continue to paint impressionist landscapes, animals, birds and flowers. I hope you enjoy my artistic creations.