Danielle Lynn Fury

​Celebrating the creative spirit is one of the most essential aspects of the foundation that Fury wraps her big wide world around. Born in a small Pennsylvania town, Danielle Lynn Millard was fascinated by animals, the arts, and music. She was recognized for her abilities in art in early elementary school. At age four, Dani moved with her parents to Phoenix, AZ, and soon began a roller coaster of travels between her hometown and Phoenix, when her parents divorced in her second grade, and her mother returned with her to PA.

Flying between both states according to her needs and her parent’s abilities, Fury learned to appreciate the uniqueness of each person’s gift by discovering all of the different talents in her diverse family. She discovered the power of art and her place in it when she was 6 and homesick in a desert school. She remembers the cool, wet, red ball of clay the art teacher
handed to her on one of the hottest days, and how the experience of sculpting a bird soothed her soul. She knew then that she would be an artist.

Throughout high school and college, Dani received multiple recognitions for her art. She attended colleges in both states, with degrees in Art Education, Ceramics, and Religious Studies. In 2009, The community gallery and studio, CLAYOTE was born, along with a therapeutic after-school clay program called “MudPuppies”. Once Fury’s own two sons grew of age, Clayote finally closed in 2018, and Fury began the journey of full-time art and music.

She currently resides in Yavapai County, with her partner and bandmate, Richard L. Strock. Whatever time that is left after all of the art chores is often spent on a hike, with the dogs, or performing/songwriting together.

Artist Statement

Colors are never few in a Fury acrylic painting, handmade mug, or resin shadowbox. Nor are layers, for Dani typically works several canvases, shadowboxes, and kiln loads simultaneously, and often with a band practice during her break. Paintings can take an hour or several years.

The resin shadowboxes emulate suspended freedom of movement, with the help of the clear resin pools and organic material immersed between layers of paint and clay.

Fury’s pottery is what she is currently most known for. Her prices and sizes cover every category and situation for the fan and consumer. Regardless of medium, her art commands attention.