Zavia Bishop | Zavia’s Studio

Artist Bio

An Arizona native, I like to say I had dual residency between California and Arizona. Born in Arizona, I moved to California at 7 then visited my dad in Arizona for summers and holidays. I’ve lived in both Arizona and California; my first child was born in Arizona and my second in California.  

Photography was my first expressive media. In school, I was that friend that usually had a camera in hand. Even as a kid I understood the importance of preserving moments in time.

Back in the day before digital, I’d take a disposable camera on field trips, or the point and shoot that I took on my trip to Boston and San Francisco for New Year’s Eve. I saved up to get my first SLR, but it broke in Yosemite before I had even used it. I was heartbroken.

My husband got me my first DSLR, a whole whopping 2 megapixels. I used it to document my pregnancy. I continue upgrading my cameras and documenting my kids and family life.

I’ve won a city-wide photo contest. I created ‘A Day in the Life’ photoshoot/slideshow for my son’s school. I was invited to be a second shooter for a professional wedding photographer. Then, my photography career took off. Now, I’ve worked with photography for many years.

During a creative block I bought some canvas and paints (though I didn’t know how to draw) and I just started painting. I was surprised that what I drew looked like something … flowers on cactus! I was hooked!

I’m a professional real estate photographer. And, I accept projects such as musician photoshoots.

My creative journey continues with both photography and painting. I show and sell at art walks and online.

Artist Statement

Catching candid moments that reveal a person’s essence, showing off the photogenic side of architecture. Even inanimate objects have a story. Every rock, every home, every living creature has a story to tell. Every time I capture that story, it brings me peace and tranquility.

My art is with acrylic paints, and I really enjoy pour painting. I have been given an airbrush as a gift, so continue learning that and other ways to paint, enjoying every step of the way.

Throughout the years my photography has evolved and I’m sure my art will as well. Eventually, I plan on using both photography and painting to express my observations of the world. This may or may not be controversial or be triggering for some. I believe that art needs to create an emotion in the observer. Art is there to challenge one’s perspective, to challenge the status quo.