Sandy Moss

Raised in southern Utah, Sandy earned a bachelor’s degree, then began a lifelong passion for journalism, first with The Daily Spectrum in St. George. She moved to Prescott in 1993, and continued her reporting with The Daily Courier as an award-winning newspaper and AP journalist. Moving on to broadcasting in 2003, she joined Arizona Hometown Radio Group as a newscaster, movie reviewer and entertainment reporter, and hosted her own show, Q&A with Sandy Moss. In 2014, she became the host of AZTV7’s Sandy and Friends, a daily statewide entertainment and talk show. Turning author, Sandy published her first book, The Terrible Loyalty, in 2012.

After more than 25 years in media, she retired in 2019, and turned her focus to volunteering. She is currently Director of the Board for Prescott Creeks where she indulges her desire to preserve local water resources and soul-feeding wild areas. She is a Docent and on the Animal Rescue Team with Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary. She also participates in other volunteer projects, such as PAJ, where she strives to be a link to connecting the amazing community of people who make Prescott and northern Arizona the wonderful, vibrant place it is.

Much of Sandy’s focus in her media career centered around arts and entertainment so as a now-retired person, she has turned her attention to creating art, currently focusing on sculpting. Her passion through the years has also been designing and building houses and renovating historical houses, which she continues to do. She is also an avid reader, gardener, and mom to a passel of rescued cats and dogs.

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to host PAJ Live Online. Art in all its forms is a celebration of creation; of bringing to material form the deepest emotions of a person’s heart, spirit and mind; of reaching out to the unseen in the world and extracting a perception of meaning that can then touch the people around them, opening those minds and hearts, as well.


I plan to delve into each artist’s reason for creating, whether through painting or photography, music, sculpture, or through whatever form their art manifests. Where does their motivation come from, what are their unique challenges, their breakthroughs, and the ultimate rewards.


Join me once a month at PAJ Live Online to meet the artists of every ilk who live in our community and together we’ll learn more about the magic of their creative journey.

Sandy Moss Author – A Terrible Loyalty

The true story of two men, already life-long friends, who ventured into the heart of the endless ocean at its loneliest point in a 20-foot sailboat. Embarking on a trip across the Pacific Ocean from southern California, to Hilo, Hawaii, they navigated by means of only a sextant and the stars. It was meant to be their “Great Adventure.” The men had planned for an uneventful sail, but encountered a treacherous storm that threatened their lives, threw them dangerously off course, and sealed their fate irrevocably together as they battled to survive. Readers will come to know these two extraordinary men and their amazing journey — not only on the sea, but beyond — as their friendship developed and strengthened through the years, then agonize with them in their most powerful test. Other sailors have crossed the ocean’s expanse, but few with such primitive tools, such a small boat, and with the depth of friendship and determination as these two friends.

Artist Statement

Through the years of my working career, I have had opportunities to use the art of communication through my writing as a newspaper reporter and as an author; to broadcast locally via the radio waves, and finally to visually reach out to the communities of Arizona on television.

Through these media channels, I’ve been able to meet thousands of my fellow artists who have been involved in every creative persuasion — a gift that has ultimately fueled my own artistic exploration.

Now as retiree, I am exploring many new creative areas and expressions through clay sculpting, two-dimensional painting, music, gardening, and other avenues of writing.