Lynn Freedman

I began my art at an early age, painting, drawing princesses, but designing clothes and getting my hands on every coloring book at the 5 & Dime. All by age 5. Took art classes in schools and at the library. Lost interest when I started working. (Favorite job was designing window treatments in clients’ own homes.) Got interested in rubber stamping in ‘92, then collaging, then painting again. Was mentored by Carl Heyward, renown abstract artist in the SF Bay Area, in 2017-2018, also took some workshops. In 2019 moved to Prescott for the second time and got to know many artists. I love traveling and going to museums in the US and the world. I’ve loved meeting people since I worked at Disneyland while going to college. Have found much pleasure working with people and helping them through decorating their homes.

Artist Statement

There are two things that make life beautiful for me. They are art and music. My art is colorful and bold, in an abstract style. I paint with acrylics, collages and use mixed media while listening to music. I like to tell a story or send a message with my art. I treasure unusual pieces and like any art that “pushes the envelope.”  That is why I brought my art mirrors to life. I hope you enjoy my works.