Jenny Rose Otto

Artist Bio

With the brush stroke clouded sky in my hand, I walked out barefoot into the dark cool Montana night. In the 3rd grade, the universe was alive to me in sound. Blue eyes full of crystal stars looked into the raw canvas and blank sheets of paper. The clouds wrapped me in my dance. The sky applauded, spinning me in a glorious death grip of rebirth and imagination. I speak in romantic metaphors for the arts, dance, essays, and poetry. I write. I listen to myself as the character. A new page in this mystery of a breath. A new chapter of life and art. Hear the sounds of splashing paint and rhythm from these lips onto a starry night. And so, it was. I was born to create poetry. I speak in new creative voices.

Artist Statement

E.B Art stands for Environment & Beauty in Art.

Ephoria Blooms was born of my poetry, essays and works of art. E.B Art comes from my respect and love for life. Life is precious. We must find the beauty in all of it. My creativity is expressed as a photographer, writer, graphic artist and painter. We are infinite beautiful beings, blossoming over and over again.