Don Hawker

I was born and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. In that environment, I learned to appreciate a range of different cuisines, including Asian, Middle Eastern, and Latin American. When I moved from home to attend college, I made the effort to become a self-taught chef, which my roommates and friends greatly appreciated. I am considered an excellent judge of food and wine, having spent a lot of time visiting the Northern California wine country and restaurants there and in San Francisco.

As restaurants in the Quad Cities come back to full capacity, it is an excellent time to revisit the existing ones, and also to welcome new arrivals. I plan to visit and write a review of at least one establishment each month, reporting on the cuisine, service, and ambiance.  For you home chefs, I will discover local sources for food and ingredients, including farmers’ markets and local ethnic food stores. Since I have found it difficult to source ethnic ingredients in the Quad Cities, I anticipate reporting on sources in the Phoenix area as well. I welcome your suggestions.