Debra Owen

I’m a creative being. I’m an artist and poet. I’m a courageous optimist.

I’ve founded, directed, and facilitated many creative adventures. I’ve worn many hats including Wearable Art Designer, Operations Director Design Department, Executive Director Community Art Center, community organizer, e-Magazine publisher, writer, promoter, and speaker.  All under the umbrella of arts advocate.

Chasing inspiration, raising awareness, and supporting artistic growth keep me growing and balanced. I know there are no creative mistakes, only lessons.

I moved to Prescott in 2011 and focused on becoming immersed in, and supportive of Prescott’s art community. Thank you to all who have graciously welcomed and embraced me into your vibrant arts community. 

And now, here we are with a new adventure in the arts! Creative growth does not stop… and why should it?  I have a vision of celebrating and nourishing our creative growth. I’m looking forward to supporting you, working with you, and growing with you creatively.  Let’s make this happen …. Together!

Artist Statement

Art is a verb meaning to focus and compel. For me, art has a sustained tension urging the resolution of intellect, emotion, and insight.

When working I am attempting to express a story, a reason, a question, a feeling, an emotion. I am drawn to looking behind the door. I peel away the layers of a story into the essence of a mood, character, or gesture … to reveal a fleeting impression that mirrors the soul. It often explains the why.

My approach is typically a “direct method” of working the composition without preliminary drawing. I develop the whole piece. I like layering. Stories are layered.

I find artmaking to be endlessly compelling and a satisfying challenge. In every piece, I find the insights and exhilaration of highs and lows. The mediums, the process, the layering, clarity, and spontaneous energy, are a unique parallel to human complexity and life’s experience.