Christine Ryback

Artist Bio

Ever since I was a child I enjoyed working with my hands.  My live-in Hungarian grandmother was a skilled seamstress and bestowed her knowledge on me, helping me with doll clothes early on, and by the time I was a high school student I made my entire wardrobe.  I still use my sewing machine on a regular basis though not to the extent I did when I lived in N.J., fabricating window treatments and all kinds of home necessities working with decorators.

I was an art major at Montclair State University in N.J. After I married and had children I dabbled in whatever creative project I could.  One of these was making concrete leaves which I displayed and sold at the Jerome Artists Cooperative for almost 8 years.  They are made from real leaves such as hosta, maple, rhubarb, elephant ear, many of which I grow myself.

During my years at the gallery, I became interested in oil painting and so I began taking lessons with a fellow member, and then a second one. I discovered that painting is something that is frustrating, challenging, relaxing, and rewarding, not necessarily all at once.  It is a skill that is constantly evolving.  The more I learn or know, the more I don’t know.  I can paint for hours and get lost.

I am no longer a member of the Jerome Coop but have continued to paint and sew.  I have always used my talents to sell products but that is not my main goal at present.  I try to meet with another artist/friend to paint Plein air when we can and my sewing machine never gets put away. My creativity is now for me to enjoy, though I do sell on Etsy (LoveFromChristine) .

Artist Statement

What excites my creativity for painting usually stems from a place I have visited or a scene I have photographed.  I do love landscapes but I don’t necessarily return to a single theme or message.  I have tried portraits and find those especially challenging.  I put 110% into whatever I create so my end product is usually something I am proud of.  At this point in my life, my creative journey is for self-fulfillment.  As a retired person, having a creative outlet is more important than ever.  To be able to express myself creatively gives my day purpose.  Whether it is doing a sewing alteration for myself ( I have been known to completely modify a dress) or sewing something for one of my 7 grandchildren or painting it is my happy place.