Bev Allisone

Raised in a military family, I had the opportunity to travel across the country and to Europe. At a young age, the exposure to art, architecture, and different cultures influenced her life as she became an adult.  I developed a gregarious personality and a sense of wonder at all the possibilities and expressions of life.

My family moved to Mesa when my father retired. I graduated high school and attended Mesa Community College with a double major in fine art and psychology. The lack of integration of the creative mind in psychology was disappointing so I put my energy into the arts curriculum.

I took a hiatus from college and art when I married, had a daughter and son, and found myself a single mother five years later. I worked in factories, retail, and offices. I felt a deep need to
return to college and kept taking classes part-time. This was a hugely busy time in my life. I filled my time with friends, trips, creative pursuits, and spiritual studies, along with raising two
children.  I met the right people to reignite my love of art. This helped me get connected and attend college full time.

I became fully focused on all aspects of art. Early in the semester, my favorite art instructor had a serious discussion about the success of fine artists and gave a list of hundreds of art-related jobs. On reviewing the list, I selected illustration jobs and asked, “You know how I draw. What do you think I should be doing?” The instructor said outright that I should be in commercial art. The following semester I signed up for those classes…and found my home.

I took illustration commission jobs then landed work in print shops where I learned the trade. When the economy took a downturn, I found myself unemployed. In a chat with a neighbor, she suggested I apply at the senior apartment complex where she was employed. I was hired. The job opened up many other positions. Soon I was working as a cook, another love of mine that I could share. I felt this was a career path to follow, and in a few years became a banquet chef for a downtown Phoenix hotel. Unfortunately, this was not to be. A car accident left me with a neck and back injury, unemployed, and unable to work as a chef again. So, I fell back on graphic design.

In 1986 I moved to Prescott because I wanted my children to live closer to nature and enjoy a slower pace of life. I was hired by a local newspaper, which put my skills and creativity to good use. I loved my years with the newspaper. I also worked for another print shop for several years. I decided to take a chance and opened my own graphic design business. I’ve enjoyed doing graphic design for over 25 years.

Prescott is my home where I’ve flourished in community, beautiful friendships, astonishing adventures, and profound awakenings. I’ve met the love of her life and we’ve enjoyed 28 amazing years together.

With all life’s detours and great revelations, I’ve found the most amazing collaborations have been with artists… painters, illustrators, writers, and poets. I’ve found our connection is the visionary process of translating their craft to graphic art for promotional materials. I’m winding down my commercial clients. The timing could not be better for me to join Prescott Arts Journey.  PAJ’s mission to weave together the creative community is the culmination of
my goal to bring the arts into everyone’s lives from the place I know best…graphic design.

Artist Statement

In a world where life takes on a racing pace, art is a refuge, a perception shift, a moment of peace, and a refreshing infusion of energy to the soul.  Art is an inspiration that prompts vision and possibility in those who are ready to find their expression. I see this as the goal of Prescott Arts Journey and am delighted to be invited to add my love of art toward networking artists to share their art, techniques, and philosophies with our community. With life’s detours and great revelations, I’ve found that the most amazing collaborations have been with the artists, whether painters, illustrators, writers, or poets. Our connection is in the visionary translation of their craft into graphic art for their promotional materials. As I wind down my commercial commitments, the timing could not have been better to join Prescott Arts Journey. PAJ’s mission of weaving together the creative community is the culmination of my goal to bring the arts into everyone’s lives from the place I know best…graphic design.